“Mishkanot Zahav” Nursing Home

“Mishkanot Zahav” nursing home has been operating for many years and is located in the heart of a quiet, easily accessible and central neighborhood in Hadera. This year a new additional ward is being constructed next to the existing one. The new ward is expected to be finished by the end of 2011, and will have 180 new beds.

Residents receive around the clock nursing and medical care, which is provided by skilled doctors and nursing staff. The center’s purpose is to provide professional, dedicated and courteous reliable services to its residents, going beyond their specific personal needs. The center also offers constant support to its residents and family members throughout the entire process. From the moment of diagnosis until the official approval we are there with you.

In view of our loyalty to our vision and standards, as well as our ability to be flexible and creative when needed, we provide services to applicants as per the following guidelines:

  1. Elderly people requiring nursing care.
  2. Patients with “Huntington’s Disease”– the center operates a unique nation-wide hospitalization facility for patients suffering from this disease.
  3. Medical/Social cases such as young people who are blind, amputees, people with mental retardation, depression, isolation, etc.

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