A.B Amit

“A. B. Amit” – International Institute for outsourcing training and Consulting Ltd., is a subsidiary of “Tigbur” Human Resource Services, operating approximately 40 branches throughout the country.

The company has significant logistic capabilities, thus allowing nation-wide coverage in massive marketing activities.

The company specializes in outsourcing services for sales campaigns, stewarding and other output based services.

Projects are managed by highly experienced consultants, managers and operations personnel.

Sales and services include customer-attention and marketing to both businesses and the private sectors.

The company’s scope of activity and its professionalism allow it to provide excellent service at a relatively low cost.

The company specializes in the following:

  • Organization of sales, stewarding and distribution campaigns.
  • Management of sales departments and campaigns – by outsourcing.
  • Providing professional training and constant supervision through our control centers.