Company Profile

TCMcareer specializes in recruitment and placement of top quality senior personnel for the business sector, and top hi-tech personnel for its technological sector.

TCMcareer provides its quality services to a wide array of leading companies such as hi-tech, finance and marketing, etc.

Our recruitment department specializes in providing candidates for all professional levels in such fields as hardware engineering, software engineering, communications, QA, information systems, IT, sales and marketing, finance, and more. As a further enhancement, the company also specializes in managing outsourcing projects.

Aimed at providing our clients with top quality candidates, we incorporate our unique recruiting, focused on our extensive network of contacts, friendly referral campaigns, participation in networking events, job fairs, and much more.

Our method:

  • Obtaining job description from client, or developing job description with our client.
  • Location, screening, and professional evaluations of candidates, as our client’s desire.
  • The evaluation process includes an in-depth personal and professional interview, which includes a review of occupational history, evaluation of professional level and knowledge, personality diagnosis and an overall assessment. Each candidate’s evaluation report is provided to our client upon completion of the process.
  • Our support continues throughout the recruiting process, which provides candidates with such details as, salary offers and negotiation of terms right up to the final signing of an employment contract with the employer.
  • Applying constant support during the first three months of employment in the customer facility.


  • We provide candidates matching a specific project or position.
  • Our client defines length of project.
  • Integration of employees in ongoing projects.
  • Determining employees’ salary levels and additional benefits, in coordination with the client.
  • The workers are employed by TCMcareer.